General terms & conditions

1. General

These general terms and conditions apply to all offers and purchase agreements whereby Comfoor b.v. with its registered office in Doesburg acts as the seller of goods or the supplier of services, hereafter referred to as ‘Seller’. Any departures from these general terms and conditions can only be agreed in writing. The general terms and conditions of the Buyer, however named, do not apply. The term ‘Buyer’ in these general terms and conditions includes every client who issues an order to the Seller to deliver goods, to produce goods or to render technical or administrative services.

2. Offers

All verbal and written offers from the Seller are without obligation unless expressly stated to the contrary in the offer. The data included in the offers, price lists and other documentation of the Seller such as images, drawings, calculations, sizes and weight statements are not binding for the Seller. Minor deviations in color or finishing permitted in the trade or which are technically unavoidable, are reserved.

3. Orders

The agreement with the Buyer is formed when the Seller, within eight days after having received the order to deliver, has confirmed this in writing by post or by fax or if the Seller has received the signed offer it had issued, back from the Buyer. For orders in respect of which by their nature and size a written offer or order confirmation is not customary, the agreement is deemed to have been formed on the day the order has been received and accepted by the Seller via post, fax or telephone for immediate performance. Verbal promises by and agreements with subordinates do not bind the Seller until after and to the extent they are confirmed in writing by the Seller.

4. Prices

The prices apply to delivery ex warehouse of the Seller, excluding turnover tax, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If three months after the date of the agreement, one or more cost factors experience a rise, even if this is the result of foreseeable circumstances, the Seller is entitled to raise the price accordingly. Packaging is included in the price. The manner of packaging is determined by the Seller.

5. Delivery

Delivery is ex warehouse of the Seller. If delivery ex house of the Buyer has been agreed with the Seller, the transport is for the account of the Buyer but at the risk of the Seller. The transport costs shall be charged separately on the invoice to the Buyer.

6. Delivery terms

The delivery terms are stated by approximation only and are therefore not binding. The Seller shall however do all that which is reasonably possible to realise the delivery on or within the stated term. The delivery term commences as soon as and after the Seller has accepted the order and has received the full details and all that the Buyer has to pay in advance in accordance with the agreement.

The Seller is at all times entitled to deliver in consignments. As soon as the Seller has become aware of facts and/or circumstances which make the realization of the delivery on or within the agreed term impossible, the Seller shall notify the Buyer of such immediately stating a new term. If the impediment to the performance continues after the new term stated by the Seller, the Buyer is entitled to issue the Seller with a notice of default, and after expiry of that term, if the non-performance continues, the Buyer is entitled to terminate the agreement, provided the Buyer does so immediately, without the Seller or the Buyer being liable for any compensation.

7. Risk and ownership

As soon as the ordered goods have been delivered by the Seller, they are at the risk of the Buyer. If the Buyer does not take receipt of the goods, the Seller shall store them at the risk and for the account of the Buyer on notification to the Buyer, without prejudice to the right of the Seller to proceed to terminate the agreement whilst retaining its right to compensation. The ownership of the delivered goods only transfers from the Seller to the Buyer after the Buyer has paid the purchase price and all that it has to pay in accordance with the agreement as well as pursuant to any claim for specific performance of the agreement, to the Seller.

8. Payment

The payment of the Seller's invoices shall be within 30 days from the invoice date without any deduction or set off, at the offices of the Seller or into an account to be indicated by the Seller. In the event of payment by instalments, the Seller is entitled to invoice every consignment to the Buyer separately and demand payment for it. Cash on delivery is reserved. On refusal of cash on delivery, the Buyer is obliged to pay all the costs arising from this for the Seller if the Seller has notified the Buyer of the cash on delivery in advance. If the creditworthiness of the Buyer reasonably gives rise to this, the Seller can at all times demand that further security be provided, failing which the Seller is entitled to suspend the performance of the agreement.

The payments made by the Buyer serve firstly to pay all interest and cost due and subsequently to pay the oldest outstanding invoices even if the Buyer indicates that the payment relates to a later invoice. If the Buyer does not pay within the agreed term, it is deemed to be in default by operation of law, without any further notice of default being required and the Seller is entitled to, from the due date, charge interest which is equal to the statutory interest plus 2% for the duration of the default and the judicial and extra judicial costs relating to the collection of the claim. The extra judicial costs are determined in accordance with the collection rates of the Netherlands Bar Association with a minimum of € 125. If the Seller demonstrates to have incurred higher costs which were reasonably necessary, these are eligible for payment.

9. Complaints and guarantee

Complaints due to externally visible defects or shortcomings must be made in writing within 10 days of delivery at the latest, whereby failing to observe this term, any claim towards the Seller in respect of the defects or shortcomings lapses. The following conditions apply in respect of the guarantee:

  • delivery of goods manufactured by Comfoor b.v.: six months guarantee on material and manufacturing faults and on fit, fracture/damage and nipple. An exception is made here for the custom- made Comfoor hearing protection which has a guarantee of two years for material and manufacturing faults, fit and muffling. Changes in the design or choice of material do not fall under this guarantee.
  • delivery of goods not manufactured by Comfoor b.v.: the guarantee which the Seller itself has received from the manufacturer.
  • Comfoor b.v. reserves the right to reject imprints of insufficient quality. Should one nevertheless decide to create a custom-made Comfoor hearing aid from this, this is not covered by any guarantee.

Complaints in respect of defects as referred to in article 9(a), (b) and (c) must be made within 10 days after the Buyer has discovered the defect or could have reasonably discovered it, but within the guarantee term, which commences with the invoice date, on exceeding of this term any liability of the Seller in respect of the defects or shortcomings referred to, lapses.

If the Seller is liable for the defect covered by the guarantee, it can repair the relevant good (or have this done), replace it or reimburse the purchase price at its discretion.

10. Liability

Any liability for loss as a result of the materials delivered by the Seller, is limited to the amount paid out by the Seller's insurer in the specific case also in the event of an intentional act and gross negligence.

11. Applicable law and disputes

This agreement and all other legal relationships between the Buyer and the Seller are exclusively governed by Dutch law to the exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention. All disputes between the parties shall, to the exclusion of any other court, be settled by the court in the district of Zutphen.

12. Additional Terms and Conditions for Processing Personal Data

These Additional Terms and Conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions and shall only apply to the processing of personal data within the scope of services offered by Comfoor.

12.1 Definitions

In these terms and conditions – including the recitals - capitalised terms shall have the following meanings:

  • General Terms and Conditions: the General Terms and Conditions used by Comfoor, including specific additional terms and conditions applicable to the Agreement and relating to the Service;
  • Comfoor: the legal entity acting under the (brand) name 'Comfoor' that enters into or has entered into the Agreement; the Party that receives information from or through the Client.
  • Data Subject: the natural person who is identifiable by the Personal Data.
  • Service: the work performed or to be performed by Comfoor for the Client on the basis of the Agreement;
  • Client: the party – legal entity or company – that has instructed Comfoor to provide the Service.
  • Employee: a person under Comfoor's authority who is or will be involved in the provision of the Service;
  • Agreement: the agreement between Comfoor and the Client on the basis of which the Service is provided;
  • Personal Data: the information to be provided by the Client to Comfoor with a view to providing the Service and to be processed by Comfoor on behalf of the Client, within the meaning of Article 4(1) of the Regulation;
  • Third Parties: the party – natural or legal person or company – that has been or will be engaged by Comfoor in the performance of the Service;
  • Regulation: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of natural persons with respect to processing personal data and on the free movement of such data, Official Journal No. 119 of 4 May 2016, p.1 et seq; (General Data Protection Regulation);
  • Processing: collecting, recording, organising, structuring, storing, updating or changing, retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing by forwarding, distributing, or otherwise making available, combining, blocking, deleting or destroying data.
  • Information: the content of the relationship between the Parties, as well as all data, computer software, documentation, and other oral and written information provided by the Providing Party to the Receiving Party or that becomes known to the Receiving Party within the context of providing personal data.
  • Controller: a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.

For the purpose of these Additional Terms and Conditions, it shall make no difference whether the terms defined in Article 1.1 are stated in singular or plural or whether they are used in a specific composition.

12.2 Applicability

These Additional Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Agreement, but only to the extent that the Agreement relates to the processing of Personal Data by Comfoor for the performance of the Service upon the instruction of the Client. Given that Comfoor determines the purpose and means of processing of these personal data, Comfoor shall be referred to as the 'Controller'. As a result, Comfoor shall also have the legal obligations of a controller as set out in Article 24 of the Regulation. 

Both Comfoor and the Client are aware that the Regulation is directly applicable to the processing of the Personal Data and that under the Regulation each of them have obligations as the Controller.

12.3 Exchanging Information

The parties shall coordinate and implement the exchange of Information by mutual consultation.

The Parties shall agree in advance on the manner in which the Information shall be provided. This method of provision may be:

  • in writing:
  • by issuing items, including but not limited to electronic and/or optical information or data carriers;
  • by providing access to Information in any way, including but not limited to access to automated computer and network systems; and/or
  • by means of (verbal and/or visual) presentations and demonstrations.

12.4 Nature and purpose of processing

Comfoor shall process the Personal Data in order to provide the Service.

Comfoor shall not process the Personal Data for longer than is necessary for the provision of the Service.

Unless the Agreement provides otherwise, the processing of the Personal Data relates to the Data Subject.

Unless otherwise provided in the Agreement, the processing of the Personal Data relates to the following types of personal data, but only to the extent that processing is necessary for the performance of the Agreement: name, initials, gender, personnel number (department optional).

The Client shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the Personal Data provided and shall provide Comfoor with the Personal Data in good time, allowing Comfoor to provide the Service in good time.

Comfoor shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the enrichment of the Personal Data provided.

The Client guarantees Comfoor that the Personal Data will be provided to Comfoor in a lawful manner.

The Client guarantees Comfoor that it will communicate with the data subjects in respect of the provision of the Personal Data to Comfoor. Comfoor shall inform the data subjects by means of the privacy statement on its website.

Comfoor shall determine in what manner, by what means and, as the case may be, by which Employee(s) the Personal Data shall be processed.

Comfoor shall not process the Personal Data in, nor forward them to, a country outside the European Union or the European Economic Area in respect of which it has not been established by a decision of the European Commission that it guarantees an adequate level of protection within the meaning of Article 45(1) of the Regulation, unless:

(a) (i) there are adequate safeguards within the meaning of Article 46(1) of the Regulation.

12.5 Security

Comfoor shall take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the Personal Data against loss and against any form of unauthorised or unlawful processing, including unnecessary collection and further Processing, taking into account the risks associated with the Processing of the Personal Data, also in view of its nature.

12.6 Third parties

Comfoor shall be authorised to engage Third Parties in the Processing of Personal Data for the purpose of the performance of the Service. 

12.7 Rights of Data Subjects

Comfoor shall make every effort, taking into account the nature of the Processing of Personal Data and as far as reasonably possible, to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard the rights of the Data Subjects within the meaning of Articles 15 to 21 of the Regulation. Comfoor shall enter into consultations with the Client in order to determine which Controller must provide which information.

As the Controller, Comfoor shall be responsible for reporting a Data Breach to the Data Protection Authority. In the event the Data Subjects are being notified, the Client shall be informed thereof. 

12.8 Liability

Comfoor shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Client as a result of or in connection with failures in the performance of Comfoor's obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions and/or the Law.