The best sound experience from the start with the Uni-RIC

1 Sep 2021

In search of the best hearing aid, it is common to test devices from multiple brands. During testing, there’s often domes (small, universal ‘umbrella’ design) being used instead of a custom made ear mould. This is a shame, because a dome doesn’t let the user experience all the features of the hearing aid.

Base your choice on custom made ear moulds

Starting the process for a fitting hearing aid with a high-quality custom made ear mould.

Many hearing care professionals and audiologists wish to offer customers a solid comparison in RIC solutions from different manufacturers.

That is the reason why we have developed the Akouz Uni-RIC; a custom made RIC that can be used universally in combination with almost all receivers. This product offers hearing care professionals the opportunity to let customers experience a hearing aid with a custom made earmould that fully utilizes all features of the hearing aid.

This doesn’t mean that the Uni-RIC is just for testing. The Uni-RIC is usable with the final choice of hearing aid.


The product can be made in a solid or foil version and is made from Bioflex material, finished with a matte lacquer that you might know from the Deep-Fit RIC moulds. The product is available in a S/M-receiver version or P-receiver version. Additional options are a sleeve for the foil version or concha hook for the solid version.

Written by: Erik