For RIC hearing aids

RIC ear moulds (for Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids) offer the same quality and comfort of traditional ear moulds, but they are virtually invisible inside the ear. Can be delivered in acrylate and Variotherm. 


The RIC ear moulds can be used on all RIC instruments. With smaller venting they can also be used for serious hearing loss. Not suitable for very narrow ear canals.

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  • To find out the options, have a look at the different types of RIC connections per type:

RIC ear mould

For RIC hearing aids the best solution for an optimal sound experience.


  • Nearly invisible
  • Both solid as open option (see overview)
  • Concha hook, concha ring and helix hook possible

Bikini RIC ear mould

For RIC hearing aids the best solution for an optimal sound experience with the best wearing comfort.


  • A bikini RIC ear mould has a minimal chance of allergic reactions due to minimal skin contact, often preventing the need for gold, silver or steel coating.
  • Minimal chance of occlusion and autophony artefacts.
  • Bikini version only possible in open mould (see overview
  • Nearly invisible
  • Concha hook, concha ring en helix hook possible

Deep-Fit RIC

Deep-Fit ear moulds are a new solution to achieve an optimal adaptation of your hearing aid with maximal preservation of features.  


  • Fit deeper in the ear canal, in the 2nd bend (bony part) ‘occlusion free’
  • Only made as Bikini version
  • Very comfortable thanks to very flexible silicone material (40 Shore)  with matte lacquer
  • For a maximum sound spectrum by reducing residual volume, to prevent standing waves in the residual cavity of the ear canal
  • Solution for occlusion and autophony artefacts
  • Prints made with MILD material




A custom made RIC, universally usable in combination with practically every receiver. 


  • Universal;  suitable for almost all S/M and P-receivers
  • Ideal for testing different (features of) RIC hearing aids; the client has a perfect ear mould from the start
  • Makes optimal use of the features of the hearing aid because of the custom shape
  • Very comfortable due to Bioflex material, finished with a matte lacquer


Work instructions

For work instructions on RICs, visit the help center in our client portal.

Extra materials

Print materials, tools and accessories are available in our client portal.

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