Other products


Akouz delivers various connectors for the ear moulds, guaranteeing there is always a suitable solution for every situation. You can choose from a tube nipple (2.5 or 3 mm), a spherical nipple or a slim tube, for example. Check out our customer portal to view all the possibilities and to place your order. In our help centre you can find both work instructions and tips.

Drills & cutters

We offer an extensive range of drills and cutters for the treatment and finishing of our products. We have drills from 0.6 mm to 2.9 mm, spherical cutters, sanding sleeves and polishing cones. Have a look at our customer portal for a complete overview.

Hearing protection and accessories

We also offer a range of accessories for Pluggerz hearing protection products, from filters and adapters to storage tubes and cords with clothing clips. You can also order the Pluggerz Uni-Fit hearing protection products in our customer portal.